Air Circuit Breaker & Auto Transfer Switch

DAIJIN ELECTRICS MEETS your demands for high breaking capacity, and various features. Daijin Electrics is’ Green Company ‘and we are providing Eco-friendly manufactures’ for the Earth and people.
Daijin Electrics is specialized in manufacturing and exporting circuit breakers since 1974. We have acquired excellent technology in breakers and switches. Always, we also serve the best quality products and services.i

Introduction Daijin ACB

Daijin ACB provides total solutions with an advanced trip relay for measurement, diagnosis, analysis and communication as well as protective functions for absolute protective coordination and electric power monitoring system.

Up to 6300A, ACB provides many different full line-up frames. Daijin’s ACBs are more compact to optimized volume panel. Besides, ACB is fully designed for customers’ satisfaction to friendly use the accessories and connecting methods.

Daijin’s ACBs are suitable for

  • Protection of power distribution
  • Protection of motor & control device
  • Controlling & disconnecting circuits

Daijin’s Various Circuit Breakers come with

  • Ampere frame sizes up to 6300AF (see page 9-10)
  • The highest breaking capacity: A(6300AF at 600Vac)
  • According to standardization of manufactures, various accessories are interchangeable such as Trip Relay, Geared Motor(MCG), Closing Release(CC), Trip Devices as Shunt Release(SHT), Under Voltage Trip Release(UVT), Door Interlocking Device, Key Interlocking Device, Auxiliary Switch, Fault Trip Indication(FI), Ready to Open or Close Contact(C), Spring Charged Contact(MS), Manual Reset Button, etc

Daijin’s Cradle

  • It is reliable & precise structures of draw out type.
  • It is also available with or without safety shutter.

Classified Trip relays provides; [OCR: J-02]

  • DJ-002 is released with new features.
  • Communication features of Modbus 485 w/DJ-002
  • Daijin’s Trip Relay (OCRs) are designed as easy to use and Friendly handling for the customers.
  • Display and record the phase, type and time of the error
  • Display the accumulated ON/OFF operating numbers up to max. 999[DJ-002]

Compliance with International Requirements

  • IEC 60947-2
  • KS C 4620

Optimum technical support for

  • Selecting economical protection system
  • Guarantee safe & prompt installation
  • Guarantee optimum service continuity
  • Up to 2 years manufacturer’s warranty

Description of External Appearances

  1. Charging Handle
  2. Closing Push-Button
  3. Opening Push-Button
  4. Main Contact Position (ON/OFF) Indicator
  5. Stored Energy Mechanism Status Indicator
  6. Main Nameplate
  7. Padlocking Facilities for Connected & Disconnected Position
  8. Functional Position(Operation, Test, Disconnection Indicator
  9. Manual Mechanism Handle

Introduction Daijin ATS

Daijin’s ATS are suitable for;  

  • Any types of Switch Gear
  • Motor control Switch Gear & Mechanism protection
  • Switch Gear Protection

Daijin’s ATS comes with;        

  •  Various models from 100A to 6300A
  • High rated switching performance 100kA (6300AF at 600Vac)

Descriptions of External Appearances

  1. Manual Handle
  2. N, R Contact Position Indicator
  3. Terminal Block
  4. N Power Source
  5. R Power Source

For more information about the product click here: DAIJIN ACB & ATS

For any inquiries or questions regarding our products and prices, please contact us in the following ways:

Tel: +603 4270 5430
Email: hafiz@pdsconsulting.com.my

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