ROSIGN CO., LTD provides a smart road paving technology that incorporates a temperature visualizing system and radiant heat blocking technology. The colorful displays, images, and words that can appear as the temperature changes will give us information about the road conditions. In addition, less of the radiant heat that is the major cause of the urban heat island effect is created thanks to the UV rays, heat, and infrared rays blocking technology.

ROSIGN’s technology blocks 89% of UV rays, heat, and infrared rays, and can be used in a wide range of regions, from hot areas to cold areas.

Smart road construction technology R&D

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Road pavement business

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Interior/exterior products for paving and coating materials

All types of special coating materials, construction coating materials, interior coating materials, specialized Ascon, and specialized concrete production


CHAMEL ROAD is a paving material that incorporates temperature visualizing and radiant heat blocking technology. One of the major technologies of the product is temperature visualization. The technology allows our pavement to display image and/or word and change colors on the road when there is change of temperature. The reacting temperature could be set from -65’C to 150’C. Through this technology, it prevents accidents on icy and slippery roads by alerting drivers on road conditions in addition to providing pleasant design.

image 14.JPG

The second major technology is radiant heat blocking technology. This special technology blocks the major causes of urban heat island effect, namely, UV rays, heat, and infrared rays. As our technology blocks 89% of UV rays, heat, and infrared rays – the durability and the life of paved-body are lengthened. This would allow cutting on budget, prevention of tropical nights, and reduction in energy consumption.

ROSIGN Non-slip Pavement

ROSIGN Non-Slip Pavement uses improved MMA resin paving method. It provides high-performance and high-quality solution. The toxic-heavy-metals-free pavement is highly durable and adhesive. It is also resistant to wear, water, slip, and chemicals. This is applied with our own unique methods such as pattern-applied construction or embossing construction – depending on drainage, permeability, or sound absorption.

image 13


Rosign Coating Type Flooring

The improved MMA resin flooring method creates a paint film on top of Ascon (asphalt-concrete) or concrete. Various colors, images, and words could be designed via flooring. The toxic-heavy-metals-free paving method is highly durable and adhesive. It is resistant to water and slipperiness.

image 12.JPG

CHAMEL ROAD prevents sliding accidents on rainy and icy roads. CHAMEL ROAD blocks radiant heat from road during summer and in hot weather countries.

It is a smart pavement material featured with numerous functions

Image 10

Construction procedure of CHAMEL ROAD

image 11.JPG

Application of CHAMEL ROAD

  • Runway and roads within airport
  • Roads at port, harbor/ container terminal
  • Frequent ice-forming regions, hazardous roads, highway ramps, over-passes, tunnel access roads, inside tunnel, and various other roads
  • Child protection ares, elderly protection areas, bus-only roads, and bus stop sections
  • Uphill roads, downhill roads and winding roads

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