YIRRH is a company who specialized in stone paint and stone plaster. They have been doing this about a decade in Korea. YIRRH have supplying their product to Philippines and also USA. So far, the outcomes are really good. Now, they are launching a new product call Water proof coating and soon enough will be a trend in here.

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PDS Consulting is the sole distributor for YIRRH Stone. Previously we have received order from Malaysian company for about 25 pails where we shifted it from Korea to Malaysia directly and send to their warehouse in Subang.

Other than that, we also in process of dealing with other companies in Malaysia. Coming really soon, we will do some training in between June and July in Kuala Lumpur, Melaka and Johor regarding on how to apply YIRRH STONES.



Stone spraying  finish product  embodying  natural color by mixing stone  various colors  of mineral compounds

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  1. Product FeaturesAs color sands in  various  colors  there’s  a  great  difference  between  the  color-spray stone  materials  and  actual  stones,  but  it’s  the  Eco-Friendly  stone-spray   materials  with which you  can  display  a  variety  of  pastel  toned  colors  to  your  preferences  (Used a water soluble inorganic pigment for coloring of silica sands, and produced through  having color mixing and burning done at high temperature, therefore, no decoloration occurs due to exposing to ultraviolet lays
  2. Method of ApplicationStructure base surface treatment → Color primer under coat application → Jointing work →Spraying of Terra Stones → Acrylic top coat application
  3. Major Areas of ApplicationApartment exteriors, other architectural building exteriors and finishing work for landscaping area.
  4. Major Raw MaterialsPure acrylic series binder, Coloring silica sands (Coloring  done  using  soluble  pigments and Natural mica(option) etc.
  5. Packing Unit18L (25Kg)/ Pail
  6. Material Quantity Required5~4.1 Kg/ ㎡

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Stone spraying finish product realizing natural textures and various colors.

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  • Product FeaturesStone spraying finish product realizing natural textures and various colors
  • Method of Application
    1. Remove out any dust, floating matters, and foreign materials on the
    2. Do the repair work for the cracks or the damaged parts of the surface,  using  IK  Putty, to make the surface smooth
    3. Apply IK Primer to the whole surface, using a roller or a spray, to strengthen the adhesiveness.
    4. Discuss PVC joint sealant and  joint  interval  with  the  owner  of  a  building  in advance prior to the construction work
    5. Strongly adhere the joint sealant by use of a caulking material so that the  joint  sealant wont fall.
    6. Remove the joint sealant cover after spraying Deco Stone
    7. You can mix a hardener for curing and workability on a jobsite
    8. Use a spray gun to   The  nozzle  diameter  for  the  spray  gun  should  be  3-6mm and its pressure for use should be 3-5kgf/cm².
    9. During the Deco Stone spraying work, the color and  the  pattern  can  become different so test it in advanced
    10. Put  a   spray   gun   30-50cm   apart   from   the   wall   and   spray   thinly   left   and   right. After 30-40 minutes, do a final spraying maintain constant covering and pattern
    11. After finishing spraying works and when finishing  areas  are  completely  dried,  apply water repellent coating agent using a roller or a sprayer
    12. In case you have to stop the work in  the  middle,  be  careful  not  to  make  any  spray joint
    13. Be sure to protect the whole surface until it is dried after the work is done
  • RemarkCapture 4

Finish Coat (YIRRH)

The most commonly used standard finish material adds the elegance and value to a building.

  • Construction method : iron plasterer
  • Construction temperature : 0℃ ~ 50℃
  • Packing unit : 18litees/pail
  • Amount required : 2.3 ~ 7kg/ ㎡
  • Dying time : 8~ 24 hrs and longer

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Stone Spray Textured Spray Paint

  • Product Features

The weatherproof product may  express  various  textures  and  colors  with  good elasticity and durability by various construction methods.

    • Construction method : iron plaster
    • Construction temperature : 0°C ~50°C
    • Packing unit : 18 liters/pail
    • Amount required : 2.3~2.7 kg/
    • Drying time : 8~24 hrs and longer

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  • Method of Application
    1. Check list before the construction work
      1. The total system should be constructed from L + 150mm.
      2. The worker should check if the design and the color  of  the  external  wall  are  suitable before starting the construction
      3. Be careful for the curing work and the  safety  management  before  starting  the
      4. Check the place where the product is loaded and the
      5. Check the conditions of a jobsite before starting  the  construction    In  case there is something unreasonable,  discuss  with  the  supervisor  or  the  owner  of  a  building in advance
      6. The company which will work on the construction should receive  the  education  given by INDEX KOREA  and  it  should  fully  understand  the  matters  that  require  attention on the
    2. Adhesion of E.P.S board
      1. The E.P.S board should be constructed from the bottom of the external wall of a building, and it should be permanently or temporarily
      2. The E.P.S board should be adhered with stopped joints in order to make no joint, making the long side
      3. The E.P.S board for the  windows  and  the  corners  should  be  cut  suitably  before  the construction
      4. The joints of the E.P.S board should be crossed from the
      5. Paste the  adhesive  on  the  E.P.S  board,  taking  6-8  spoon
      6. Immediately and slightly adhere the E.P.S board to the  background  from  the  bottom, and press diagonally in order to fit to the end of the adjacent
      7. In order for the adhesive to be adhered evenly to  the  background,  press  the  external side of the E.P.S board with the same pressure.
      8. In order to have perfect adhesiveness,  harden  it  for  24    During  the  hardening process, the E.P.S board should not move.
      9. When mixing the adhesive with Portland  cement,  use  a  drill  mixer  and  perfectly mix at 400~500RPM
    3. Surface reinforcement for glass fiber mesh
      1. Standard fiber glass mesh
        • Paste the adhesive in suitable thickness to the surface of the E.P.S board, using a stainless
        • Immediately soak the  standard glass fiber into  the  adhesive which  is not  dry,  using  a trowel. The surface of the adhesive should be treated smooth by  use  of  a  trowel  in order for the standard glass fiber to be completely
        • In using standard glass fiber, the mesh should be not seen on the surface of the adhesive.
        • The joint of the standard glass fiber should be  overlapped  at  least    The  work should be done from the center to the edge.
        • In order for the mesh not to be pushed, roll up once in the opposite direction and  then, use……
    4. Finishing Material
      1. Once you start to work with a finishing material, you should  keep  working  to  the end.
      2. For uniform appearance and consecutive work, sufficient efforts, a footing, and equipment should be
      3. The work should be done from the edge of a wall to the
      4. A clean stainless trowel should be
      5. Some finishing materials can be sprayed. At this time, please discuss with the manufacturer for the right construction
      6. The allowed error of  surface smoothness  after the  work  with the  finishing material  is done should be 6mm per…..
    5. Sealant
      1. It should be the product of the manufacturer approved by INDEX
      2. The color is determined by the designer and the
      3. It is denatured silicone so it should not be cracked or hardened after constructed.
    1. Capture 7

      Capture 8

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