Enterprise Cloud Storage​

All your business files are accessible on one platform by an unlimited number of users. Synchronised across all your devices with secured safety features and collaboration tools. Cloudike is optimised for sharing an efficient workflow among teams on a global scale. Cloudike also provides an on-premise service where white-label cloud services are installed and deployedContinue reading “Enterprise Cloud Storage​”

니트릴 장갑 공급(Nitrile Glove)

Nitrile Exam Gloves Powder Free / 니트릴 장갑 Made from natural rubber latex (NRL), it offers its users the best barrier protection in areas of potential risk associated with blood-borne pathogens and other substances or biohazards. The physical properties of the material provide the excellent flexibility and uncompromised protection with a high degree of sensitivity.Continue reading “니트릴 장갑 공급(Nitrile Glove)”


4TH INDUSTRIAL, NO EMISSION NO DRAINAGE FOOD WASTE PROCESSOR  DESCRIPTION OF THE PRODUCT FeaturesStructure:1. No emission: No outlet. Completely solves the problem of hygiene and environmental damage. 2. No drainage: No drainage line. Completely solves the problem of hygiene and environmental damage 3. No leftover: No leftover for an average 6 months. Completely solves the problem of hygieneContinue reading “BIO-FOOD TERMINATOR”

Titanium Powder

We, PDS Consulting Sdn Bhd, supply Pure Titanium (T1, T2) Powders and Technology of Titanium Metal Injection Molding Process from Korea. Our firm has a new technology that can produce titanium with very cheap price. Therefore, You can domestically produce titanium without importing expansive raw material. Titanium Features High Strength (Twice of the iron, 6Continue reading “Titanium Powder”


We, PDS, supply 100% designer performance fabric with excellent processing technology from Korea. We provide modern design to all the places where fashion, home interior, quilt and design are required by capitalizing in Malaysia. We would like to encourage to purchase of Korean textile. Cotton Oxford Cotton quilt Linen Waterproofing Material Enquiry to PDS CONSIULTINGContinue reading “KOREAN TEXTILE & FABRIC”

산업용 우드펠릿 공급 안내

PDS CONSUTLING에서 말레이시아 산업용 우드펠릿을 공급합니다. 안정적인 연료 납품 안정화를 위하여 엄선된 제품 퀄리티와 조건을 갖춘 현지공장 제품을 공급합니다. 용도 : 발전용, 산업용, 보일러 용 목재 : Tropical Tree, Rubber Tree Mix 패키징 : 벌크/ 톤 백 공급 가능 수량 : 월 1,000톤 – 5,000톤 문의 : 인터넷 전화 070 8249 2595 / 사무실 전화Continue reading “산업용 우드펠릿 공급 안내”