KC 1

Strong Vitality of Korean Cactus

Awaken The Beauty of A Woman

The strong vitality of Korean cactus that does not die at -20ºC in cold weather. Put vitality into lifeless skin for healthy, beautiful face from today.

Manage your skin with KOREAN CACTUS NATURAL MOISTURE MASK PACK! Abundance of active ingredients of Korean cactus will treat your skin

Recommend you for

  • Dry, fragile skin
  • Rough skin texture
  • Intensive care for moisture and nourishment
  • Sensitive skin care
  • Revitalizing skin care

Plants with a thousand years of Vitality!

Since ancient times, Korean cactus is used as traditional folk medicine in Korea and China. It has being named “millennial” by “repairing a thousand diseases” and “living a thousand years” that has a strong vitality and various active ingredients. Korean cactus live 20 to 30 years and does not die under -20ºC in cold weather and even in heat wave. Moreover, it grows well in the field without pesticides and fertilizers because resistance of insect pets.

For Healthy baby face!

Korean cactus (Opuntia Humifusa) supplies rich nutrition and moisture effective to skin. One sheet is enough for moist, healthy baby face.

KC 2

Manage your skin with Natural Touch! 97% of Korean Cactus contained!

KC 3

Korean cactus supplies enriched moisture, and relief to dry, lifeless skin! Polluted environment and stress make your skin sensitive and dry which Korean cactus can be a solution to be blissfulness, moist skin. Manage your skin with nature’s touch.

KC 5

Pass the healthy Nature onto your skin

Natural ingredients contained

Korean Cactus Moisture Mask Pack with natural healthy ingredients! Pass the healthy nature onto your skin. Be born again with vitality of nature!


1.256 M Highland in Mount Chungok in Gangwon-Do

Korean cactus (Opuntia Humifusa) is cultivated eco-friendsly without chemical and pesticide in 1,256 M highland of Chungok Mountain, Pyeonchang, Gangwon-do. Korean cactus grows in pure zone where water supply system and external pollution are blocked

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