Korea Surge Protector, K-Surge

PDS supply Korea Surge Protector to Malaysia.

K-surge specializes in the supply; Power, Signal, Telecom, Coaxial Line, LAN Line Auto Recovery ELB, Smart Power Supply System; of total solution for surge protection, encompassing the manufacture of Surge Protective Devices [SPD], analysis of surge damages and design of anti-surge measures to protect sensitive electronic equipment and personnel from destructive transient over voltages originating from lightning strikes and electrical disturbances.

Based on its proprietary know-how and technology, the Company supplies high quality surge protectors that accompany complete protection, strict safety and surge information, thereby promoting the system stability and efficient facility management for your key equipment

Patent and Certification

Our Key Strength of Product is having Display panel to be easy for status of product such as Event, Line Voltage, Surge Counter, Fuse status and so on.

We can make efficient facility management for your key equipment.

If you have any enquiry, Please, contact to us.

Person : Harry / Tel : +603 4270 5430 / Email : harry@pdsconsulting.com.my

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