Nodulant / Ferro silicon

KDC. Dongyang Metallurgy is a company who specialized in manufacture Nodulariser and Inoculant.  The company has founded in 1978 and partnership with Kusaka rare metal institute. DongYang Metallurgy Ind.Co.,Ltd is the one and only Korean manufacturer for Nodulariser and Inoculant. Main customers of the company are Kia Motors, Korea Cast Iron Pipe, Mando Halla company, Okamoto Co.,Ltd.

PDS Consulting is the sole distributor for DongYang Metallurgy Ind.Co.,Ltd. We had received order from local foundry in this year about total 15 tons of Nodulant and Inoculant. Our company would like to provide professional technical advice from the experience expertise in Korea. They will like to visit Malaysia assist and provide advice to those companies who having issue during casting process.


Nodulant and inoculant is one of the alloy material used for ductile iron casting process.  Examples of ductile iron production are form of ductile iron pipe which used for water and sewer lines, automotive components and oil well pumps and etc.  


  • Various grain-size: 3-33mm, 5-22mm, 10-30mm and so on.
  • Various packing: 25kg in pp bag / on PLT, 500kg, 1000 kg pp bag
  • Special size and packing, element upon request
  • Available for flexible response after technical discussion in accordance with the characteristics of customers
  • Convenient to micro-neutralization reaction due to low slag.
  • Helpful for stable operation by thorough ingredient variation management
  • Chill / Inverse chill
  • Superior mechanical process
  • Outstanding microscope and uniformity of graphite morphology
  • Strong effect on carbon proof
  • Superior maintenance of ingredient by through process
  • (Analysis management) for delivery
  • Continuity in defect management of Pin hole and Dross

Contact us for any inquiry

For any inquiries or questions regarding our products and prices, please contact us in the following ways:

Person in charge : Ms.Chia
Tel: +603 4270 5430

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