MYKOR is a joint initiative of MIGHT and KIAT to establish a gateway for the industries to promote technology transfer and commercialisation for both countries. MYKOR is a bi-directional channel that allows industries and research institutions to prospect and trade Inteelectual Property (IP) and technologies at regional level.

  • To promote and establish strategic alliances and cooperation for mutual benefits in the areas of promotion of technology transfer, commercialization and investment.
  • To provide a technology marketplace to encourage and maximize the commercial use of technology for industrial applications.

To seek and match strategic partners locally and globally.

  • Technology acquisition. Identify and facilitate in technology transfer and the negotiation process.
  • Technology transfer and promotion. Conduct events and seminars to promote IP and technologies which will benefit both parties. MYKOR assists companies to source for required IP and technologies.
  • Business partnering. MYKOR, in collaboration with other ministries, will regularly conduct technology business partnering event s in Malaysia and Korea to promote mutual collaboration among companies from the two countries.
  • Capacity building. MYKOR will facilitate the exchange of knowledge, skills and know-how among the two countries in the area of technology management, technology valuation, IP management and commercialization.
  • Technology Outreach Program. MYKOR will assist in arranging technology prospecting program and collaborative program between centre of excellence, university and industries.
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