Enterprise Cloud Storage​

All your business files are accessible on one platform by an unlimited number of users. Synchronised across all your devices with secured safety features and collaboration tools.

Cloudike is optimised for sharing an efficient workflow among teams on a global scale.

Cloudike also provides an on-premise service where white-label cloud services are installed and deployed directly on our customers’ server.

Build your own cloud computing solution tailored to your company’s preferences.

It can be fully customised from your own brand, theme color, user interface, to unique security features. The UI/UX will be carried forward on all devices, be it on mobile or PC.

More than 1,000,000 users in the world use Cloudike Business
These are some of our customer stories from various industries

We are giving away 50GB, 3 months for free to any SME teams! 🎁Be the first 100 companies to take advantage of this opportunity and digitize your business with cloud storage.

Simply reply to harry@pdsconsulting.com.my with your company contact details for this limited-time offer.

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