Technology Transfer Partner between Korea and Malaysia

To promote innovation Korean Technology, PDS Consulting Sdn Bhd has designated as Agency supported by Korean Government.

We have provided consulting and trading service with Korean and Malaysian Business since 2005 in Malaysia.

We are willing to provide Technology information, source, suitable partner from Korea and business opportunity about Technology Transfer.

So Malaysian Businesses can approach freely to learn more to innovate their product, improve quality and new opportunity.

We are supporting service as below.

  • Licencing
  • Joint Venture
  • Sample Test
  • Technology Partner Matching
  • Product Development
  • Company Information
  • Transportation, Translation
  • Consultation & Communication

We are responsible for all kind of business activity and transfer technology in various industry.

For more information and enquiry, Please contact as below.

Person in Charge : Harry Jung

Email :

Tel : +603 4270 5430

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