Business Matching with Korean IT Solution in Malaysia on 26th Nov,2019

PDS Consulting would like to introduce Korean IT Solution companies to seek for Malaysian Business Partners.

This time we are bringing outstanding IT Solutions such as Blockchain, Database, Cloud, UI/UX, and Cyber Security.

We will held Business Matching Event on 26th Nov, 2019 at PJ Sheraton Hotel.

The objective of the delegation’s visit is to introduce lastest Solution and finding a business partner in Malaysia


We would greatly appreciate your support and cooperation to come and have one to one business meeting at: –

  • Venue: Sheraton Petaling Jaya Hotel, Room 1, Level 3C
  • Date:  26th Nov 2019 (Tuesday)
  • Time: 10:00 AM – 5.00 PM
  • Registration: Free admission REGISTER HERE

We believe it would be a fruitful meeting for each other. We are looking forward to your feedback.

Database Encryption Solution

  1. eGlobal Systems Co.Ltd(

CubeOne, column-level Database encryption solution, has a unique structure that is suitable for application to the large-capacity Database, which stores important personal information

UI/UX Development Tool/Html 5 based

2.Tomato System Corp


eXbuilder6 is a development tool perfectly integrated with Eclipse. It provides anyone with high-quality experience while developing the web interface. The product is easy to use as it provides semantic content assistance to support the developers’ needs It also shows high performance with interactive Web & NScreen Support.

Clould SaaS Solution / Data Intergration (ETL) Solution

3.Innotree Co.,Ltd


ETL is the Big Data and Data Integration(DI) solution that has been proved in a various customer environments including Bank, Samsung App Store, e-Commerce for BigData/Integrated management of mass data.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Solution


( )

Dstation is a VDI(Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) solution that leverages centrally virtualized server resources to provide user-specific virtual desktops(VDs) and data storage based on world-class protocol performance.

ARK for Oracle / ARK CDC

5.Databank Systems


ARK for Oracle – Real-time data transmission and replication of changed DB -Ark for Oracle extracts the real-time Redo Log to transfer the changed data and configures the same standby DB.

Minimize load on operating system and maximize performance with log-based standby DB configuration

SOS alarm / Remote Control Solution

6.Ahranta Inc.


WizHelper – Remote Control Solution for both Mobile and PC Wiz-Helper makes remote control by screen sharing and function control, to solve technical problem, to handle business from long way.

Shopping Mall Solution / Blockchain Exchange Solution

7.CME Soft Co.,Ltd


Norymall – Shopping Mall system / solution Norymall, a shopping mall solution of CMEsoft, links shopping mall with blockchain to enable delivery tracking and secure payment

X Logic – cryptocurrency exchange solution X Logic” is 100% developed through self-technology and has been built with a strong security system by applying TCHC (Time Check Hash Code) and DSPT (Dynamic Session Parameter Trans) technology

APT & EDR Solution  / Cloud Type

8.NPCore Inc.


ZombieZERO is a new security solution designed to detect and defend against APT(Advanced Persistent Threat) and Ransomware attacks. It is composed of the behavior-based defense product on Endpoint(EDR) and the packet analysis product based on behavior on Network(Inspector) and interworking with each other

Mobile Security Solution / Privacy SAFER



GateKeeper – non-server tool to prevent informational leakage Best optimized non-server tool to prevent informational leakage. Easy to install on Android and iOS

*Please take note that this event is “Invitation Only (Pre-arranged)” and “Free of charge.”

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Should you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact PDS Consulting Sdn. Bhd person in charge, Hafiz Azree.

  • Email:
  • Phone: 603-9212-0699

We will always support business between Korea and Malaysia

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