Invitation for 2019 Broadcast Asia Global Export Consortium


Dear All Buyers,

With the combination of multi-media information delivery system and IT technology, media environment has been changed broadly in recent years.

To meet the rapid change of recent new media age, Korea Digital convergence Association (KODICA) has not only developed contents related to digital convergence, but also support international/domestic exhibition participation and make a new market.

Since the start of 2002 Singapore Broadcasting Exhibition, KODICA has participated in diverse annual international exhibitions in Amsterdam, Tokyo, Madrid, New Orleans, Moscow, Malaysia, and Beijing, and supported medium and small companies producing broadcast related equipments and products, such as cable and satellite broadcasting equipments and parts, set-top box, and TV, DMB, DTV, HDTV equipments and products.

KODICA, are trying thier best to promote the spread of digital convergence. Also presenting digital convergence culture and promote mutual friendship and cooperation among the members of our association.

Thereupon, hoping to have each institution, company, and member’s support and cooperation for the industrial development of broadcasting communication and digital convergence.

We are so delighted to invite you & your company to our project. I hope this project will lead to a good result.

Companies participating in the buyer’s invitation consultation meeting : –

Please refer to the schedule and notes:-

Thank you.

* Please prepare your business card fully and time can be adjusted according to circumstances.

Agency for BCA Global Export Consortium 2019

Travel Guide Information

Airport Welcome Picket

Pick Up Guider Contact Number  
+82-10-7774-6503 (KIM HYO KYUNG)


Address 300, Digital-ro, Guro-gu, Seoul, Korea
Breakfast 3F (06:30-09:30)
Public Transport Airport Bus 6004 (Incheon – Guro)
Meeting Information DAY 2019. 10. 01 / Place (Pearl Room 3F) Registration Time 09:30 , BIZ Meeting 10:00-17:00

Flight Arrival / Departure Time (Standard Flight Time)

  • Arrival (Arrival at ICN, SEP 30
  • Departure (Dept from ICN, Oct 02)

* Airport pick-up and sending are only available on official schedule
* Designated hotel single room based on 2 days stay

(extra charge for twin room)
* Three meals guide :
– Breakfast is served on the hotel (3f)
– Lunch and dinner will be gathered in the hotel lobby and moved  together

(lunch 12:30, dinner 19:00 in the lobby)

For more information. Dont hesitate to contact person in charge:-

Frieda Lucky
Office: +603 9212 0699
Internet Phone: 070 8249 2595

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