Export to Korea! Import Goods Fair 2019 in Korea from 27th to 29th June

There is chance that Malaysian Enterprise promote products to Korea!

The Import Goods Fair is a consumer goods exhibition that displays Food & household goods, such as processed food, small electronics and IT products, kitchenware, fashion accessories, cosmetics, handicrafts, item for basis etc.

Especially, Organizer will hold B2B Meetings with Korean Buyers so that you can meet your partners in Korea(Importers & Distributors from department stores, retailers, e-marekts, etc)

PDS Consulting will coordinate and support Malaysian Enterprise to participate as below.

  1. Manage All of process of participation
  2. Discount of hotel and distribution.
  3. Discount of booth
  4. Organize joint booth ( 2 or number of companies share booth and fee)
  5. For the companies which decided to participate (who paid application fee), provide their product information to buyer, support online business matching with buyer which participating company wants.
  6. Holding a B2B counseling sessions during the exhibition (Buyers, Major domestic retailers and Importers)
  7. Free B2B Matching Service with Buyers even after the exhibition ends.
  8. Free access to domestic distribution channels when signing contracts with importers.
  9. Translation support while B2B Counseling Sessions.

If you have any enquiry, Please contact to us (Tel : +603 4270 5430, Email : harry@pdsconsulting.com.my)

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