Malaysia-Korea IT Consortium @Prince Hotel @14th September 2015

Korea Trade Mission – IT Technology will be held in Kuala Lumpur in the middle of September.

The objective of the delegation’s visit is looking forward to strengthen the business relationship and business partner. We would greatly appreciate your cooperation to attend the one-on-one business meeting.

The meeting will be held from 10am to 5pm on 15th September 2015(Thursday) at Prince Hotel.

You may choose the meeting time between 10am to 5pm on your convenience.

| Date : 14th September 2015(Monday)

| Time : 10AM – 5PM

| Venue : Fullman Hotel (previously known as Prince Hotel / in Jalan Conlay)


Please take note that this event is Invitation Only (pre-arranged) and Free of charge.
No. Company Name Business
Product Picture Main Product
1 NileSOFT

Log Analysis
nilesoft Secuguard SSE & NSE
Host & Network Based Vulnerability Assessment Tool
LogCops Appliance
High Volume and Real Time Log Analysis and Management System for Full Log Life Cycle
2 DataStreams Corp.

Data Integration
datastreams TeraStream (ETL Tool)
High-Speed Data Extraction, Data Conversion, Data Loading and User-Oriented Monitoring Features
TeraStream for Hadoop
Hadoop Associated Big Data Processing Solution
3 Samjung Data Service Co., Ltd.

Groupware & E-mail
samjungdataservice Groupware Solution
Business Process Management, Enterprise Document Management System, Project Management System
eMail Solution
Spam & Virus Filter, Data Loss Prevent,Multi Language Support
4 YoungLimWon Soft Lab Co., Ltd.

Enterprise Cloud
younglimwon Cloud SaaS ERP
Roadmap & Biz Theme Driven, 
Layered Biz Process,One Platform Any Device,Hybrid Cloud (Private & Public)
5 NDS Solutions

Digital Signage Solutions ndssoultion Q-Sign and Q-Wayfinder SW
Data based management, 3D map tool, and 3D wayfinding design templatesQ-Sign Software
Digital signage platform program with simple UI
6 Will-be Solution Inc.




willbe SMA
Strategic Management 
Accounting System
Customer Relationship
 Management System
Integrated Financial Information
Warehouse Service
7 eGlobal Systems Co. Ltd

Data Encryption Soultion eglobal CubeOne
Database Encryption Solution Program

Robitics Simulation ezrobotics DMWorks Software
Robotics Simulation, Manufacturing
Process Simulation
9 TomatoSystem Corp.

UI platform & DB Modeling tomato eXBuilder5
UI Development Tool based on
HTML5 Canvas eXERDEclipse-based, intelligent and intuitive E-R modeling tool
10 FORCS Co., Ltd.

Web Reporting Solution forcs OZ e-Form
e-Document form SW
OZ Report
Web Reporting SW

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