IT Korea Online Business meeting

Greetings from PDS Consulting Sdn Bhd. During this challenging time, We are here to connect Outstanding Korean Solution and Partners to the Malaysian market.

The purpose of this invitation is to invite your company for an online business meeting with the Korean companies from various industries to enhance the business opportunities that both can do.

We are proud to help you with our reliable resources and business matching. It would be wonderful if you could come and have a meeting on that date. Since this is an Online meeting, it can also be conducted from your office or you can come straight to our venue.

Venue : At Your Place Via Zoom
Date : 27th September 2022
Time : 10.00 AM – 5.00 PM

Registration Link :Registration Form

***PDS Consulting will be confirming your registration via email shortly after.

Kindly note that your meeting will be officially confirmed only after a confirmation letter has been sent.

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Tel : +603 4270 5430


Spiceware Inc.

Cloud Data Security

Spiceware, a visionary up-and-comer in Cloud Security, continues to innovate to facilitate safe cloud migration of customers in the era of digital transformation. Spiceware One increases visibility in the cloud with intuitive dashboard which monitors user activity, classifies and controls the access of data in different SaaS apps, and monitors abnormal user behavior, protecting the pc from phishing sites and malware attacks.

Company website:


Email Security All in one Groupware ERP SI

KIWONTECH is a company listed in Gartner e-mail security reports 2019 and 2021, and is currently based in Singapore, Japan, and Vietnam, serving more than 400 customers in five countries.

Company website:

Company Brochure :


CRM (Customer Relationship Manegement)

The Salesinsight was established in 2003 and has been providing CRM for 19 years. As we are the oldest CRM solution company in Korea, we provide high qualities and highly efficient CRM services to support our customers so that they will be able to achieve their success at the top of their business sectors especially in sales.

Company website:

Company Brochure :

Kevinlab Inc

1) Home Energy Management solution

2) Building Energy Management Solution

Korea’s first (only) intelligent home energy demand management platform (AI-HEMS) to real-time monitoring & metering, diagnosis, analysis, prediction, PV, IoT, Alram, warning. It has Web-mode for administrator and application mode for users (residents). Specially, Application mode is with point system and user can get the points from the partner’s stores nearby. The collected points can be utilized for their utility bills as well.

Company website:

Company Brochure :

monitor corporation

AI-based medical diagnosisㆍanalysis solution for lung CT image.

Monitor Corporation specializes in developing AI-based analysis and diagnostic solutions for medical images while interacting with specialists. Through high-performance AI technology and intuitive UI, we want to develop a solution that can improve the work efficiency of specialists and ultimately provide many benefits to patients. All of our AI powered medical solutions are applied / introduced in cooperation with major domestic and foreign healthcare companies as well as top hospital groups. We also have a roadmap to leap forward into the global market by providing solutions in various directions through the cloud-based service pipeline.

Company website:

Company Brochure:

Cloudike Inc.

Cloud Storage

Cloudike is an enterprise cloud storage service and your partner in corporate cloud computing solutions. Optimized for work, files can be shared securely and easily. Our fast data synchronization and fully customizable unique features are expertly designed for all types of businesses. Established in 2013 by a team of experienced IT experts from South Korea and Russia, with a passion for perfection in cloud computing, Cloudike strives to provide the most advanced and cost-effective cloud storage solutions that empower SMEs worldwide. Cloudike’s solutions are now trusted by millions of concurrent users and thousands of corporations. In addition, SMEs ranging from broadcasting and multimedia production to construction, education, design teams, law firms, and even cafes, are using a subscription-based, SaaS version of Cloudike.

Company website:

Company Brochure :


Smart City – Water IoT Platform – Environment – Bigdata – Government Infra

Geogrid is a startup that has the characteristics of both manufacturing and IT technology that collects data close to real-time and provides it as big data. It provides a variety of basic information such as predicting the pre-demand of water to be used, predicting sinkholes and detecting risks, detecting leaks, and detecting intrusion by utilizing big data and various environmental information. In addition, we will conduct various research with domestic and foreign institutions to solve environmental problems through pattern analysis of big data for water use and provide basic data for water-related marketing. In particular, Geogrid developed “Smart IoT Water Control Platform ‘Giorider’ with additional freezing prevention systems and water quality improvement to solve problems that were difficult to incorporate high-tech technologies with the existing poor water pipe infrastructure. GeoLeader means reading the Earth’s dense energy. Installing Geogrid’s product in a building removes rust and slime accumulated in the building’s water pipes and prevents further accumulation. Also, if red water enters the pipe, it can be known from the alarm. With the control function, various water quality information and water usage data of pipes can be easily viewed through data visualization, and can be displayed on mobile apps or home pads.

Company website:

Company Brochure :

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