Greetings from PDS Consulting Sdn Bhd. During this challenging time, We are here to connect Outstanding Korean Solution and Partners to the Malaysian market.

The purpose of this invitation is to invite your company for an online business meeting with the Korean companies from various industries to enhance the business opportunities that both can do.

We are proud to help you with our reliable resources and business matching. It would be wonderful if you could come and have a meeting on that date. Since this is an Online meeting, it can also be conducted from your office or you can come straight to our venue.

(Address: A8-2, Jalan Selaman 1/1, Dataran Palma, Ampang, Selangor.)
Date : 30th November 2021
Time : 10.00 AM – 5.00 PM

Registration Link :Registration Form

*PDS prepared Private Room & Devices for video conference
*PDS comply all the required SOP’s Guidelines

***PDS Consulting will be confirming your registration via email shortly after.

Kindly note that your meeting will be officially confirmed only after a confirmation letter has been sent.

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Rice Coffee (1 box 4g 10T)

It is the first premium rice coffee in Korea using Gangneung local rice and rainforest alliance beans. Rice coffee is the first rice coffee in Korea to suit the taste of Koreans who like a sweet taste. It is made in a tea bag and can be easily consumed anytime, anywhere. (The Rainforest Alliance certification is granted only to coffee beans grown by workers who are guaranteed a stable life on farms that practice eco-friendly farming methods).

Company website:

Company Brochure :

HanBaik Food

Red Snow Crab Crab Soup

You can enjoy the fresher taste of crab paste by using red snow crab paste from red snow crab that arrives in Sokcho, Gangwon Province, and our manufacturing technology gives it a savory taste and removes the fishy taste of crab paste.For single family members and those looking for convenience food, sesame oil is added so that you can enjoy a simple meal by purchasing only rice.

Company Brochure :

Chowall Market

Protein Pouch

1. Contains 65% protein: 26g protein based on 40g.
2. Contains Whey Protein Isolate and Soy Protein Isolate.
3. Contains collagen, lactic acid bacteria, vitamins & minerals
4. Full of satiety with glucomannan
5. Convenience that can be used anytime, anywhere as it is in the form of a pouch that can be consumed immediately after adding water
6. Soft sweet grain taste.

Company website:

Company Brochure :


Green Tea Mackerel

It is a fillet-processed product of Norwegian mackerel, which is rich in fat. It is soaked in green tea extract to minimize the fishy smell and is vacuum-packed in half to suit the single-person household.

Company website:

Company Brochure :

Natural Love

Mineral Pickled Cabbage

5kg (Chinese cabbage 3.5kg, seasoning 1.5kg)
10kg (7kg cabbage, 3kg seasoning)
15 kg (15 kg of Chinese cabbage)

Company Brochure:

Narae Dry Food

Pollack Gangjeong

Pollack’s intestines and head bones are removed and cut into bite-sized pieces that are suitable to be eaten only with fresh pollack meat, thinly coated in tempura and deep-fried in clean oil, served with a savory, sweet and spicy sauce. Regardless, it can be eaten as a side dish with rice or snacks, and it can be called a well-being food with a light, savory and soft pollack gangjeong with a non-thick batter and non-stimulating sauce.


Company Brochure :

Hamgane Food Co.Ltd

Salted Octopus Spiced Bibim Octopus with Rice

It is salted frozen octopus, seasoned with seasoning according to the seasoning ratio, and it uses frozen octopus instead of fermented octopus to maintain the ingredients of the octopus as it is, and it is the first-class food for octopus.

1. Rich in taurine, helps to recover from fatigue
2. Rich in selenium, boosts immune function
3. Anti-aging with vitamin E
4. Helps to lower cholesterol and promote insulin secretion
5. Contains protein, calcium, iron, etc.

Company Brochure :

Cheong Hae Dam

Red Crab Miso Soup

Prepare easily without having to boil the soup separately.

Company website:

Company Brochure :

Jaban Gorebob

Children’s Boneless Norwegian Mackerel

Boneless mackerel with all thorns removed, a product that even children can safely eat. It can be cooked immediately with low salt, and it is not fishy by adding the patented Ojuk extract.

Company website:

Company Brochure :

Well-Being LS

Veauty-Lac Vegetable-origin Probiotics for the Bowel

Seven kinds of mixed probiotics help intestinal health. The number of living cells is 1 billon. Consume the vegetable-origin probiotics and vitamin C through single product. Well-balanced sweet taste and fresh taste of vitamin C.


Company Brochure :


Water Sashimi

1. It is made with the Jinyang Mulhoe(Water Sashimi) manufacturing method made in a 40-year-old Jinyang Sashimi Restaurant.
2. Patent registration of manufacturing method of health functional mulhoe sauce using onion enzyme
3. We use fresh squid and vegetables for added trust and flavor.

Company website:smartstore.naver/jinyangseafood

Company Brochure:

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