Korea game B2B Online business matching


If you want to conquer the Asian gaming market, South Korea should be on your list of countries to focus on. South Korea provides game developers with plenty of opportunities.

DATE : 28th Sept to 1st Oct, 2019

TIME : 09:00am to 19:00pm

Meeting Method : ONLINE ZOOM

Sponsored by : Gyeonggi Global Game Center

Organized by : PDS Consulting Sdn Bhd

PDS Consulting would like to introduce South Korea game developer to Malaysia and Singapore game publisher.

 PDS organize 2021 Online B2B business Matching that 9 Korean game developer would like to introduce their game to Malaysia & Singapore Publisher via online meeting on 29th Sept to 1st Oct, 2021.

We can help you to look for potential game and developer to enhance your portfolio. you can register B2B business matching now.

Please, look into our participants info.

9 Korean Participants(click image to go youtube link)

Battle Dice(Mobile Game / Arcade), WASD GAMESPACE Co.ltd

Errand Saga (Mobile /RPG), Aftertime Inc.

Lobelia( Mobile / RPG), Danbi Entertainment

GENESIS(Mobile Game / RPG), UBIS

WitchSpring R (PC, PLS, XBOX, NINTENDO /RPG), Kiwiwalks Co.,Ltd.


Corrupted(Mobile Game / Simulation), 36Litters

No Umbrellas Allowed(PC /Simulation), Hoochoo Game Studios Co., Ltd.

Fated Alive( Mobile / RPG, Simulation), LOADSTARS

If you have any enquiry or need more details, Please, contact to us

Tel : +603 4270 5430

Email : consulting@pdsconsulting.com.my

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