LG’s portable projector keeps No. 1 spot in global LED projector market

LG Electronics Inc. said Monday that its portable projector maintained the No. 1 spot in global markets for electro-luminescent display projectors last year.

Citing recent data by market tracker Pacific Media Associates, LG said its “Minibeam TV” projector was named as the world’s top-selling LED projector in terms of revenues in 2016.

This photo shows LG Electronics Inc.’s ‘Minibeam TV’ projectors. (Yonhap file photo)

It marked the sixth consecutive year that the LG projector stood at the top spot.

In a previous statement, LG said the projector offers greater portability compared to conventional projectors.

Its wireless connectivity allows easy content mirroring to a smartphone, tablet or laptop computer, LG said.

The “Minibeam TV” projector was “a best seller among customers who wanted the big-screen experience but have limited space,” LG said. (Yonhap)

Source: The Korea Herald > Business > Technology

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