Korea Surge Protector, K-Surge

PDS supply Korea Surge Protector to Malaysia. K-surge specializes in the supply; Power, Signal, Telecom, Coaxial Line, LAN Line Auto Recovery ELB, Smart Power Supply System; of total solution for surge protection, encompassing the manufacture of Surge Protective Devices [SPD], analysis of surge damages and design of anti-surge measures to protect sensitive electronic equipment andContinue reading “Korea Surge Protector, K-Surge”

Stone Finish Coat from Korea

The better Solution for Renovation. This is Stone finish coat from KOREA for interior wall and outside wall to make wall appearance more gorgeous. This European pattern may express embodying natural color and restful feeling  by mixing stone various colors of mineral compounds We have two types of finish coat which is plaster and sprayContinue reading “Stone Finish Coat from Korea”


FLEXIBLE BOLLARD FROM TUR-IN ROAD KOREA Tur-In Road is a manufacturer specializing in road safety facilities and has manufactured, sold and constructed various bollards, lane separators for diverse purposes as well as various traffic safety facilities under Mobility Enhancement for the Mobility Impaired Act considering the sound walk environment as the top priority. As aContinue reading “TUR-IN ROAD”

Nodulant / Ferro silicon

KDC. Dongyang Metallurgy is a company who specialized in manufacture Nodulariser and Inoculant.  The company has founded in 1978 and partnership with Kusaka rare metal institute. DongYang Metallurgy Ind.Co.,Ltd is the one and only Korean manufacturer for Nodulariser and Inoculant. Main customers of the company are Kia Motors, Korea Cast Iron Pipe, Mando Halla company,Continue reading “Nodulant / Ferro silicon”


Jingu Engineering Co. is one of Korea’s leading companies for rudder, rudder stock, steering gear, stern tube and deck machinery. Jingu Engineering is established in 2006. RUDDER & RUDDER STOCKS Small to Big Size and Special Rudders DECK MACHINERY & STEERING GEAR Electric & Hydraulic & Air (Capacity small to big size)(windlass, winch, davit, crane,Continue reading “JIN GU ENGINEERING”


Air Circuit Breaker & Auto Transfer Switch DAIJIN ELECTRICS MEETS your demands for high breaking capacity, and various features. Daijin Electrics is’ Green Company ‘and we are providing Eco-friendly manufactures’ for the Earth and people. Daijin Electrics is specialized in manufacturing and exporting circuit breakers since 1974. We have acquired excellent technology in breakers andContinue reading “DAIJIN ELECTRIC ACB AND ATS”

Rapha Peri Alpha – Premium Dietary Supplement

Do You Feel Exhausted Every Morning? When your veins are healthy, your life gets energized. Premium Dietary Supplement Containing pine needles distillate concentrated oil from healthy pine trees effective for enhancing immunity and improving blood circulation! Recommended for Who needs antioxidant nutrients Who needs growth and development of cells Who feels tired with the eyesContinue reading “Rapha Peri Alpha – Premium Dietary Supplement”


Strong Vitality of Korean Cactus Awaken The Beauty of A Woman The strong vitality of Korean cactus that does not die at -20ºC in cold weather. Put vitality into lifeless skin for healthy, beautiful face from today. Manage your skin with KOREAN CACTUS NATURAL MOISTURE MASK PACK! Abundance of active ingredients of Korean cactus willContinue reading “KOREAN CACTUS – NATURAL MOISTURE MASK”