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​More than 60 promising companies specially selected from Jeollabuk-do Province will be participating in this event. Please don’t miss this golden opportunity.


We are truly delighted to invite you company to come and visit us in South Korea. Your time and consideration for this business delegation are much appreciated. The schedule is described below.


Transportation and accommodation will be provided for those who wants to participate for this event.


·           Venue:          Hotel Lewin ( http://hotellewin.com/)

·           Date:           Wed Mar 28– 30 Fri Mar 

·           Organized by:   Jeollabuk-do and JBBA

·           Activity:        1:1 Business Matching Program

·           Hosted by:      JBBA

·           Product : Machinery,Industrial Equipment, Automation system,                                              Construction equipment, Food, Cosmetics

 We are sure that the partnership between you and the Korean Company, two organizations will lead our business to a new stage.

If you are interested with any industry or make further business with Korea Company, we here at PDS Consulting Sdn Bhd are willing to help you from any aspects that we can.

Should you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact PDS Consulting Sdn. Bhd

▪ Email: pds1@pdsconsulting.com.my

▪ Phone: 603-4270-5430/6430

We are looking forward to your favorable reply. Your support is highly appreciated.

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